December 2015: Sustaining Grace of God

Jeremiah 32: 37-41
Grace has seen you thus far and Grace Shall see you go beyond the end of December to a New and prospering year ahead.
Grace will cover you and favour you.
Because of the love of the Father for you, you shall experience unusual favour, undeserving blessings, unmerited anointing upon you and all that is yours.
The blood of Christ and name of Christ will Subdue all your enemies plan under your feet and it shall proclaim you victorious in all your ways to the glory of the Father above and the Spirit that dwells within.
People will celebrate the goodness of the Lord with you and declare you blessed of the Lord in Jesus name.
Carry forward the banner of the Lord Jehovah Nissi and know you are an elect of His most High God.
Rejoicing with you always and always in our prayers in grace, love peace and fellowship with our Father.