Be an Intercessor

I have a yearning in my heart to pray for families with children in war zone or conflict areas, families with sick children or terminal-ill diseases. Families with abused children or adults that are traumatized by abusive relationship as children.

I pray apostically and prophetically into war zone or conflicts area that the hearts of men be turn to a peaceful resolution.
That the families shall know the love and peace of God in this season and that none of them will be traumatized by events into adulthood.

I pray healing by miraculous and divine power into such children through the Christ Jesus.

I pray that all abusers will see the errors of their ways and put a stop to their activities and that the victims will find grace and joy in Christ to put it behind them and that in this season they shall be uplifted in their spirit with a new glory and knowledge of God's Love. Amen

I will seek to continue for 30 days and believe that there will be a change in the atmosphere and enjoin all to pray with me on these issues and as you do, God will elevate your intercessory anointing in Jesus mighty name. Amen