September 2016: A Season of Supernatural Encounters and Breakthroughs

Believe in the Supernatural, flow in the supernatural, walk in the Supernatural, be empowered in the supernatural and let the supernatural translate you to your place of calling and divine destiny.

Tap into the Supernatural and encounter divine breakthrough, supernatural blessing, divine connection, divine favour and provisions.

Note: Supernatural encounters change situations, your time has come. Accept, believe and proclaim it by faith. Make your request known and let the Spirit lead you in this season, you shall surely reap bountifully and walk in supernatural dimensions through the grace in Christ Jesus.

Abraham encountered the Supernatural and gave birth to Isaac at 100 years- Genesis 18:11-12; Genesis 21: 1-3

Supernatural intervention saved Lot and his family from destruction- Genesis 19: 23- 26

Mary had a supernatural encounter and birth Jesus Christ- Matthew 1:18

Elijah had supernatural provision in the time of drought- 1 Kings 17: 6

Supernatural Success- Luke 5: 4-9

Supernatural encounter break the chains of imprisonment- Acts 12:7

Your enemies can be defeated supernaturally- 2 Chronicles 32:21

Supernatural Encounters provoked God’s blessing on Jacob –Genesis 32: 22-31

Peter made a supernatural request to walk on water and was granted- Matthew 14:29

Colossians 1: 13 He has delivered us from the power of darkness and conveyed us into the kingdom of the Son of His love

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