December 2016: A month of sombre reflection and uncommon Favour

As we look back onto the wondrous work of your hands and count your blessings and your kindness in the months gone by (Psalm 40: 4-5) and look at your servanthood (John 13: 1-17). Your preference to serve rather than to be served (Matthew 20: 25-25).

May these reflection of your true self be mirrored reflection I see of myself and let the understanding of the grace of serving bring about my blessed assurance in You.

In serving you receive uncommon favour and blessing in the Kingdom (Luke 22:28-30).Be diligent in serving and let the grace in this season bless the works of your hand in Jesus name.

May the Lord of harvest and seasons give you abundance of grace, may his face shine upon you and his countenance rest with you and may his glory radiate within you and stay with you in Jesus mighty name. Amen