Daily Prayer meditation with the Father

O’Lord, My father, I come unto you this every moment to spend time in your presence. I seek you to cleanse and renew my Spirit, soul, body to be able to live in accordance to your holiness, truth and purpose for my life.

Father, guide me and lead me in all that I endeavour to do and also with all person I may come into contact with this day, that I remain truthful and righteous through your grace.

Father, Let Your Holy Spirit flow and bind with my Spirit always so that all I do henceforth flows from within me through Your love, mercy and grace upon my life. Grant me the ability to apply divine wisdom to every situation that comes my way and a gratifying heart to appreciate and understand the beauty in everything around me.

By Your anointing upon my life, I lay claims to all the rightful treasures you have stored up for my usage in life to be a prosperous and deserving child of Yours from henceforth.

Thank you Father for always been there and I know that you will remain with me.


Apostle Yomi