God is Faithful

Woke up today-to realise how faithful, merciful and compassionate God is. He shows compassion always when you have right standing in his presence. See 2 kings: 1-11

Do not accept the negative words said to you by anybody, believe today that God has the final say.

Whatever positon you are with your walk with God, He loves you and want you back for Himself. The Lord does not share His glory; see Ezekiel 36: 24-30

Be the person the Lord wants you to be. He wants you to be humble, kind, loving, trusting, patience, show integrity and mostly He wants you to prosper in all that you do.

Today’s Prayer

May the Spirit of the Lord be with you to strengthen you in times of your weakness.

May the Spirit of the Lord cause you to see His mighty hand turning around your situation to favour you and increase your portion to His glory.

Every situation that is causing you to panic shall be removed from you and replaced with your heart desire that will bring you joy and happiness.

May the Lord cause any negative word spoken about you or to you to be uprooted and wither away like the fig tree and cause every positive word to begin to have impact in your life from today.

Every curse in your life shall be turn around to a blessing from God and you shall be a blessing to yourself and unto many in the mighty prospering and anointing name of Jesus Christ.


Remain blessed under the grace and the Love of God

Apostle Yomi
Living under God’s grace, guidance love and peace