Appreciate God's Presence in the Quietness of Time
In the quietness and coolness of the morning, I seek your face. In the dawn of a new day, I seek your wisdom. In the rising of the sun, I seek your knowledge. In the dusk of the evening, I seek your understanding.
Father, You created the season and time for a purpose, You alone bear witness to creation and You reveal Yourself to those who will humble themselves and seek you by faith. To those who rely not on their ability but totally surrender to you, these you show your innermost treasure and glory.
For those who must know you must come with a clean heart and the right purpose. For your knowledge is beyond comprehension and your wisdom is not for the self-righteous or the wise.
You alone understands the mystery of life and reveal it to those who worship in Spirit and truth.
There is no other God beside you, there is no existence beyond You. To You be all glory and honour. You are highly lifted up, highly exalted and highly revered. You are the most high and I seek only today and forevermore in everything of life. Amen
Apostle Yomi